Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quality Costs

I was busy today, weeding and putting down mulch. Both are dirty jobs that require "supplies".

For years I bought inexpensive garden gloves which lasted a very short time. I graduated to the rubber coated gloves which last only a little longer. This year I bought a good quality leather glove, material over the back of the hand, and Velcro closure tab on the wrist. Although more expensive, they are as good as new after weeks of working in the yard. It is one of those pay more up front but not repeat the process several times a year thing.

I'm ready to invest in leather gloves designed for trimming roses. Much the same as my new leather gloves except the cuff extends to the elbows. I expect to have only one pair of these a lifetime.

As long as I'm endorsing products today, I recommend using a PF 50 sunscreen. It's the one they suggest using on babies. Sunscreen for babies is not greasy, you can still get some gentle color but no more burning. Use under clothing. I've noticed in every picture of the "famous old gardeners", they cover their entire body. Wide brimmed hat, long sleeves, long pants, socks, shoes and gloves. Never too late to learn from the masters.

Gardeners are often prime candidates for skin cancer. A few moments to do a little weeding always turns into more. It has been suggested we get out of the shower and put sunscreen on exposed skin. Don't forget the top of your ears. It even works under makeup.

If you do get a sunburn, I have found the "wonder" cure. It was recommended to treat skin burned from radiation. I figured if it worked in two days on third degree burns, it had to work on sunburns. Here's the second bit of good news about this cream: it's not expensive. The name is Eucerin Cream and it's carried by most pharmacies. It's good for dry skin - giving a healthy soft glow.

I finally bought a good quality shovel, one that stays sharp most of the season without the blade curling. It has a fiberglass handle to cut down on the weight.

My favorite "little digger" is a putty knife. These little babies are sharp enough to slice through weeds, do a little digging, and last for years. I've just never liked those little garden shovels because they get dull, are hard to handle and don't cut a straight line.

Mulch usually comes in different sized bags (weight). The larger the bags, the cheaper the overall cost. This year I've graduated to smaller bags. It doesn't help to get a cheaper price if you hurt your back in the process.

Well folks, these are just my opinions. They work for me.

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