Sunday, November 20, 2011

Black Friday

Advertising and marketing always push shoppers to get the latest and greatest come the day after Thanksgiving.  It's traditionally been the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005.

(Seriously, is this the best back yard sale sign you've ever seen!!)

Black Friday's name has been said to originate in Philadelphia because it caused heavy traffic.  Later, it referred to the day when retailers would turn a profit - or - their books would be in the "black".
I'm just certain it could also refer to what we in the Midwest consider our black gold:  our soil.  It's black and full of nutrients enabling us to grow so many plants to perfection.  It mostly allows us to have healthy productive crops without as much watering and fertilizing as some other areas of the country/world.

Tie Black Friday to Black Soil and what do you have?  A perfect time to pick up gardening supplies for Christmas presents!  Many stores move gardening supplies to the side in an effort to bring shoppers' focus to what they wish to sell during the holidays.  Last year's item might just be this year's gift at a lower price.

Some items to look for when thinking of the perfect gift for gardening friends and family:

Garden gloves  (forget the thin cotton blends - invest in leather or rubber)
Ergonomic tools (ratchet pruners, bent rake or cushion-handled trowels)
Sun hat
Stepping stone
Amaryllis bulbs
Gift certificate at a garden center or hardware store
Solar lights
Hand lotion
Wine and an insulated cup
Botanical print
Garden books
Bird house
Fruit of the Month Club (blood oranges in January - yum!)
And, my all time favorite garden tool:  Chocolate

It's easy to make a garden gift basket.  Containers might include any of the above inside:
Tool box
Picnic basket
Hose holder
Large fabric purse
Wheeled kneeling bench

Little extras to add to a garden gift basket:
Ball of all-natural twine
Small box of chocolates (seriously)
Garden themed ornament
Pine cones
Bandanna (they come in all colors and prints)
Plant identification tags
Bird suet

Have fun shopping on Black Friday and think "garden"!  Around the corner from that huge array of Christmas decorations and sales may be the perfect gift for your garden friends - and you!  

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