Monday, June 18, 2012

Daylily Pretties

We've been so busy I've neglected writing.  Here are a few of the daylilies blooming in the garden.  All are about twenty days ahead of normal with a few more than a month early.  With the mild winter, all are robust.  The leaves of most are a little ugly because they were up when we got our last heavy frosts. 

This is "Blushing Summer Valentine" introduced by Salter in 2000.  The blooms are 5 inches, light buff pink with a large vivid burgundy maroon eyezone and matching edge.  It has a yellow eye.  The petals are rounded and the sepals are sometimes curled.  It's very substantial and our high winds haven't caused damage.  Stands on 24" scapes.  Considered an early season bloomer plus it can rebloom.  Semi evergreen.  It won the All American Award in the exhibition category in 2008.  

This is "Midsummer Elegance" introduced by Carpenter in 1992. 
5 ½” royal purple self with green throat. Rich wide overlapped petals. 20” scapes. Late season and re bloom. Dormant, diploid.  As you can see, it is velvet with slightly ruffled edges.  This is the first time this one has bloomed and it's stunning.

"Party Queen" started blooming today.  Doesn't it make you want to go fix a orange crush? 
Introduced by Peck in 1980, it has 6” vibrant coral/apricot self with bright eye. Very ruffled. 24” scapes. Mid season, dormant, Tetraploid, no fragrance.  It received Honorable Mention in 1985.

That's it for tonight.  Happy daylilies to you!

(Yes, the fonts are funky tonight - it's only the most obvious of the odd things blogspot was doing tonight...I'm getting out of here before it stops!)

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