Friday, August 24, 2012

Do I Hear Eighteen?

Aubrey Adelaine

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our new granddaughter, today I'm giving the billing to our next new granddaughter, Aubrey Adelaine.  As my southern husband would say, "We are breakin' out in granddaughters!"
For all you young parents, I know it's tough in so many ways.  For grandparents, it can be tough in different ways.  Perhaps we don't get to see them enough and we can't really do or say anything much to change the direction of an illness or a teen driver.  I'm certain it's why you see more grandparent age people in churches; you get to the point where you realize it takes something bigger than us humans to handle the worry grandparents have for our families.
And moving out of that "Maudlin" frame of mind and back into gardening.  Do you tend to worry about your yard?  If you're a worrier in general, I'm betting some of you worry about the plants and weather.
And to tie this in to the whole church/praying thing, I just read an interesting article the other day about Christians who worry.  It concluded the worst sin about a Christian's worrying is it encourages others to surmise we don't have a strong enough faith in the power of God.  
Having faith doesn't mean you sit on your badoofuss and wait for God to reach down and magically cure, heal, and change.  We do what we can, pray and then have faith the situation will be handled by the big guy.  Being human, even Christians tend to pray up a storm, reach up and hand the problem over to God but at the last minute we snatch it back so we can stew over it a little bit more.
If you're a regular to facebook, you see this all the time.  People calling out for prayer and then post daily how they are still worrying.  They continue to struggle with faith that God will do what's best.  
And now diving back into gardening (have you seriously got a headache from bouncing back and forth?):  Gardeners in many parts of the country are certainly tested this year with the drought.  Other areas of the world have their own set of challenges.  I've never advocated sitting on the rock in the middle of the field and waiting for Christ to dump down his blessings in the form of no bugs, perfect weather and abundant crops.  But, this year we need a serious reminder.  When you have done what you can under the circumstances, it's time to actually let it go to your faith side.
If you don't have a faith side, then I'm not sure this article can do much to help you.  Unless you want to take the big step to investigate the serenity you can have from this kind of faith.  Yep, it serves me well.                     


  1. Sweet, love the pic of the feet, what a cool way to show love both for baby and parents for bond.

    As for your jumping around !!! I love it!!!!!!!!