Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mighty Mississippi

We followed my own advice last week and took a "scenic" drive along the Mississippi River.  We are blessed to have Mighty Miss close enough to watch the changing seasons and conditions.

The day started out beautiful and sunny.  We had breakfast (always part of the criteria on a scenic drive) at a favorite restaurant.  LOVE potato pancakes and applesauce.  I had my camera out and ready for shots of autumn foliage. 

We had decided we'd start at Burlington, Iowa and work our way north to home.  We both like to turn down those little back roads to unknown picture opportunities.  And, we always get a laugh when we end up in some one's driveway because it's a dead end. 

The trees (mostly maples) were in brilliant glowing shades of red, orange and gold.  Some variation of roadside sunflowers was still blooming. 

We began to notice a gray haze on the horizon over the river.  I was still merrily snapping pictures and loving the whole experience.  Did I mention we had a bag of candy in the car???  It contributes to the "merrily" portion of the trip. 

As we were driving down a dirt lane between two corn fields, large drops of rain started to fall and by the time we ended up in a farmer's dead end lane, it was thundering.

At that point, we decided to visit thrift stores. 

Did I mention we had a bag of candy in the car???  I think I'm always concerned (probably from a childhood trauma) that we will be marooned for days without food.  Or I just have this thing about sweets.

All in all, it was a good day.  Especially enjoyed finding the Henderson County covered bridge and the old tree beside the Mississippi with roots grasping for shore. 

Bundle up this weekend and head out for some photo ops - and take a bag of candy!   

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