Monday, May 27, 2013

Bzzzzzzzz ing along

I've nagged, talked, written and gone on about bees.  Their importance, their needs and gardeners' responsibilities.  Imagine my interest when I was working out by our woods and I heard this really loud buzzing.  I mean really loud buzzing.

My husband had mentioned he'd been hearing buzzing lately while working out by his shed.  I called him to help me investigate.

As we walked along one of the paths in the woods, the buzzing got louder.  Finally, we looked up and saw the sky was full of swarming bees.  Since it was so high up, I'm not sure what kind.

After awhile, the swarm moved on to another tree and eventually moved out of the woods.

I speculated they were perhaps "nesting" in one of the old dead trees.  Or, they were from an area bee hive and out for a nectar gathering frolic in the blooming wild cherry trees.  Whatever the scenario it was pretty amazing.  Hope they stay healthy and plentiful.

Feel free to double click on the pictures to get a better sense of their frolicking.  Certainly not the best photos although I asked them to pose, they were too beezy :-)  

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