Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone Radiant Orchid
Every year Pantone selects the fashion color of the year and 2014 is:  Radiant Orchid!

The exact color is a mixture of fuchsia and purple with pink undertones.  Not exactly an easy color to grab but it's influence will be seen in fashion everywhere.

This color will scream from the pages fashion and decorating magazines, runway shows, in department stores and will even flood the gardening markets.

You'd think orchid would be pretty easy to duplicate in garden plants but this particular shade is more than lavender and less than shocking pink.  It's rich like a beautiful wine.  Let's see if I can find some suitable garden choices in case you're a latent fashion diva just waiting to try the latest in what's hot! HOT!! H.O.T.

I'm sure if I wanted, I could come up with many daylilies with this particular color.  It's one of the many popular daylily colors and has been for years.  A little word of caution:  The tones of plant color often depend on the environment:  Nutrients, moisture, length of season, hardiness & heat zones and more.   Color of the flower may differ in different years. What may be radiant orchid in my garden may not be in your garden.  I'm sure as the fashion industry plows headlong into radiant orchid, they will develop many shades to further broaden choices.

Also, pictures of flowers are often misleading:  Time of day, location of the sun/clouds, type of camera and flash, photo computer program used and then there's enhancing colors.

With all the pretty radiant orchid colored flowers in my garden, don't forget the Chicago Botanic Gardens' Orchid Show running February 15 to March 16.  One of the many wonderful exhibits so close to our area.  Information on their web site.
Columbine "Ruby Port"

Old fashioned naturalized Hollyhock
"Trahlyta" Daylily
"Wayside King Royal" daylily

This one is enhanced but oh so beautiful radiant orchid.

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