Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Good For You!

Did you have a mother that used to say, "Eat it, it's good for you!"  This article is this mother saying the same:

SPINACH:  Among the many benefits, it promotes clear radiant skin.

RED BELL PEPPERS:  Fights off germs and bacteria and promotes collagen production for fewer wrinkles.

TOMATOES:  Fights free radicals, shields skin from sun damage and protects against some cancers.

BASIL:  Helps cervical cancer cells to self destruct.  Supports healthy cell growth.

SWEET POTATOES:  Encourages clear skin and healthy hair.  An anti-inflammatory.  Repairs damage from UV rays and reduces risk of developing age-related macular degeneration.

EGG PLANT:  Battles free radicals that lead to cancer and aging (early tests are showing it fights development of Alzheimer's disease.)

Cherry tomatoes
BRUSSELS SPROUTS:  Helps our genes block tumor growth.  Reduces inflammation.  Lowers cholesterol.

GRAPES:  Helps the skin and may protect from UV-radiation damage.  Eat fresh or in red wine.

BARLEY:  Helps shed belly fat.  Helps keep blood sugar levels in check.

OATS:  Best carb for pre-exercise sustained stamina.  Purges bad cholesterol.

OK, friends, plant as many of these in your garden as you can this summer and eat as if your life depended on it - cause it does.

For those fighting a health issue, try substituting one of the above for something you currently eat that's not all that healthy.  Substituting just one at a time won't seem like you are in major denial.  Once that becomes a part of your lifestyle, work on another.  One of my favorites:

I wash and pick off grapes, lay in a single layer on a rimmed cookie sheet and freeze.  Once frozen, put in a zip-lock bag and keep frozen.  Substitute a handful for a a snack loaded with refined sugar, carbs and fat.  Grapes really do satisfy a sugar craving, they are healthy and because they are so full of water, they don't contain loads of empty calories.  WIN-WIN

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