Monday, January 26, 2015

Need a Theme Garden?

Iris "Autumn Riesling"
I love a good theme garden and by theme it could be any of the following (and more):

* All one color
* All one kind of plant (like hosta, daylily and etc.)
* Names (like names of family)

A little history:  I was posting to my daughter's Pinterest page (Market Alley Wines) under the page for "Wine Garden".  Posting to a Pinterest page, used by a business, is rather time consuming and as a small business owner my daughter simply doesn't have the time to keep up a Pinterest page.  To generate interest in her Pinterest page, it must have many posts/pictures on a regular basis which then generates many "pins and likes" which then creates interest in her business.  I've gladly taken on her Pinterest page and it gave me an idea for this article.  

Iris "Champagne Elegance"
I receive updates from Schreiner's Iris Gardens and the latest is their Spring catalog.  So many beautiful iris, some historic, others new, in all different colors and types.  I used their photos of bearded iris with the names related to "wine" to post to the "Wine Garden" category.

Schreiner's catalog lists their iris alphabetically and I simply scroll through them looking for "wine" themed names.  I will say to those not used to searching by names, people who hybridize plants and then name them are a fun and interesting bunch.  The names will amaze and amuse you.  

Iris "Champagne Waltz"
 Here's what I pulled from Schreiner's (and "yes" I've bought their iris and "yes" they are as beautiful as they look in the catalog.) 

As you get ready for some January 26, 2915 garden dreaming, maybe a theme garden is in your future?  Or maybe a cold winter day of looking at pretty flowers is enough.  

Iris "Sweeter Than Wine"
Iris "Wine Spritzer"
Iris "Fine Wine"
Iris "Chilled Wine"

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