Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's Been a Hard Day's Night

Last of the garden butternut squash and red cabbage ready for freezer

"It’s been a hard day’s night and 
you’ve been working like a dog":

Peaches ready for freezing
* When you take out the load of clothes from the washing machine and there’s a nail, a coin and a piece of something broken you found during the day.

* You wake up in the morning with a dog, cat or child laying on you and you didn’t even feel them.

* Sitting down in front of the TV at 3 PM and waking at 10 PM still in your work clothes because you were taking a short break.

* The “To Do” list grows by itself during the night.
Wheelbarrow load of tomatoes and herbs waiting on canning.

* You’ve been late to a social engagement because you threw in one more load of clothes.

* If you’re kids have their shoes, book bag and coat when you leave the house on school days, you feel it’s been a successful morning.

* Your children will always loose their homework the day after the boss tells you, “You can’t be late again.”

* You fell asleep petting the dog/cat and woke to find neither of you had moved.
Vegetable soup canned.

* It’s allergy season in the garden or farm when every load of clothes has washed tissues.

* You’ve gone straight from the field to a neighbor’s cookout in your work clothes. 

* You’re no longer surprised at work by finding snot or burp ups on your shoulder.

* You haven’t finished reading a newspaper before falling asleep since February.

* You go out to eat and look down at your hands only to realize the last manicure you had was when you ripped off a broken nail with your teeth.

* You don’t go on vacation because you don’t have time to plan one.
Variety of green beans.
* The kids eat all your cookie stash and you think, “Well at least I don’t have to worry about supper tonight.”

* The moment you realize you have an ache in a new place.

* Sometimes shaking your head and laughing is all the therapy you need.

* If your girlfriends don’t have dark circles under their eyes they obviously don’t have little kids.

* You pray God is pleased you made it to church even though you fell asleep during the sermon.
Pickling beets

* The only time you see a sunrise is when you’re brushing your teeth.

* Lunch at work has too often become peanut butter/cheese crackers and a diet drink.

* You don’t remember the last time you cleaned out the inside of your vehicle.

* You don’t have to worry about cleaning up the garden in the fall because you haven’t seen the plants for all the weeds since the end of July.
Long snowy driveway duty
* Your idea of a hot date is grandma keeping the kids over night and you and your spouse falling asleep on the couch watching a rented movie.

* Your formal exercise program is getting out of bed in the mornings.

* Every exhausted woman can close her eyes and visualize she still looks hot wearing short shorts and high heels.

* Every exhausted man can close his eyes and visualize – well who knows what guys visualize with their eyes closed but it usually involves snoring.

* Every exhausted child just whines until they fall asleep with nothing on their minds except secure in the love of exhausted parents.
There's a reason they sleep so soundly.

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