Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's Only a Paper Moon in a Cardboard Sky.

Does anyone but me get a new garden catalog (mine are for daylilies) and pretend the store says: "You can have one free flower on each page.  Which do you pick?"

Then I spend time picking just the right one.  Fret if there are two I really like.  Imagine why and where it will go.

It's especially fun with hybridizers' catalogs where the plants are fabulously cutting edge, wonderful and expensive.

Is this the equivalent of playing paper dolls?  Or, not buying a lottery ticket but planning how you'll spend the money?   Is it a disorder?  Is it winter?

Today's example is called "Egyptian Jewelry" daylily.  A 6 1/2 inch peach pink with a lavender and violet patterned eye.  Wide triple edge ending in chartreuse to match the throat.  Neon colored.  $150.00.  Yes, please fill out my pretend order form, attached to my pretend credit card number and send it to my pretend garden.  Thank you very much in a pretend kinda way.

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