Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Moon Gardens - Again

I wrote about Moon Gardens on June 23, 2011 "Dusting of Silver" my 73rd article for the Galva News.  Today I'll visit the subject again because during February all northern gardeners are busy dreaming of all garden things possible.

Developing a "Moon Garden" takes planning.  Without planning, it can be an uninteresting spot in the yard.  With planning, it can be awesome.

Moon Gardens are for those warm summer nights so your plan needs to put it where you can sit peacefully in the dark, without insects and close enough to smell all the wonderful scents.
Three moon garden suggestions-top to bottom:
Veronica virginicum, hydrangea Annabelle
and Artemesia.  (Full sun.)  
An added benefit would be where it will show even from a window or two.

Ideally it needs a dark backdrop such as evergreens, a dense woods, a dark building, a tall fence - you get the idea.  Something like the backdrop for a play or an oil painting. It's even possible to use a row of potted plants if your options are limited.
Hosta Whitefeather (Full shade)
Assess if your new Moon Garden is a full shade, partial shade, partial sun or full sun garden - OR - a combo of several.  BUT:  for a Moon Garden to reflect light at night it must have a light source.  Either the moon light must shine on it, a security light, a spot light, yard light, candle/lanterns or solar lights.  Not full blown daylight bright but enough to make it glow.  
A Gardenia in a pot (so it can come inside
in the winter.)  (Strongly fragrant
Next I like to use a good old fashioned method of planning my garden:  large drawing paper and pencil.  Computer drawing works but there's something about hard copy, shading with a pencil and a good eraser that helps my creative juices flow.

Hyacinths (A highly fragrant spring flowering bulb.)
 By planting spring flowering bulbs in the 2nd or 3rd row back, the summer foliage will cover the  spring plants.   White tulips and daffodils are a beautiful beginning.
On a day when the windchill isn't crazy cold, take a measuring tape and get an estimate on the size of your garden.  While doing this, remember the physical labor to start a new bed and size accordingly.
Daylily "Dad's Best White".  (Full sun.)
Once you have the final dimensions and shape, lay it out on your paper.
Start with the dark backdrop.  Is it already there or do you need to erect or plant first?
     Do you want the garden with straight edges or curved?
     Will it set within a corner?
Then start layers by height ending with short in the front.
It's a perfect place to sit some white hardscapes such as statues, water features and etc.

I gave you some white flower suggestions in the 2011 article.  I've included some new ones plus some Pinterest moon gardens.  And don't be afraid of adding pots of annuals to beef up the flower power:  Nicotiana (fragrant), petunias, mums, marigolds, geraniums, cosmos and dahlia are just a few.

I'll save "Moon Gates" for another article.   Meanwhile, feel free to put a Moon Garden on your dream list and maybe it will be come a reality.
The very fragrant "Moon Flower" is a must.

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