Wednesday, September 7, 2016

More Recipes!

For those gardeners who don't care two hoots and a haller about recipes, move on and we'll get back together at a later date.  In my searches for interesting recipes to preserve foods this fall, I'll dig through some of the really old books I found when cleaning out my dad's home.  My mom, like other women, would keep those advertising pamphlets, newspaper clippings and handwritten notes on scrapes of most anything IF it had a good recipe.  One pamphlet was called "Yacht Club Manual of Salads" printed in 1914 by the Yacht Club Food Product company of Chicago IL.  

This manual was seriously into making any and everything left over into something.  

Some of the more interesting concoctions - all using Yacht Club Salad Dressing - are:

Prune Salad  (a salad and a regulator all in one)
Baked Bean Salad  (seriously with baked beans)
A variety of Aspics (once so popular and now never seen.)
Sweetbread Salad (umm, no thanks)

Moving on to sandwiches:
The ever popular baked bean sandwich (do they never stop)
Bread and Butter sandwich (who needs a recipe for this?)
I know this was popular in this era but:  Lettuce sandwich.
And a peanut butter sandwich which starts with grinding your own peanuts.  

Two pages of garnishes:
Nasturtiums - they are lovely and I've used them.
Watercress - they used this in everything and now we seldom see.

And because store-bought catsup was also something new, two pages of how to use catsup.  
  Consider that this company was only in business for about twenty years.  It was on the front of packaged food.  No wonder my little pamphlet has survived - it was a new exciting thing in it's day.

Now who's up for some prune salad?

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