Friday, April 14, 2017

In the Easter Parade - Sort of...

In rural Indiana in the 1950s, we never had an Easter Parade but we certainly knew how to parade our Easter finery at church.

It was an exciting time for this little Tom boy since I was given a new summer dress and matching Spring coat, new white (always) Mary Jane shoes, new white anklets, white gloves and best of all a new Easter bonnet.

All Easter hats for women and girls were straw and decorated with flowers and ribbons. All women and girls wore hats to church. Most often our hats were either white or died to match our dresses. My favorite was a pink one my mom had where the top was cut out and the brim covered in roses. 

Because I didn't get new clothes except fall school clothes, maybe one piece at Christmas but a whole outfit at Easter - it was a big deal. 

My mom often made my clothes and I always loved them. One year she made a pink dress but all I really remember is the taffeta-lined pink cape. Really, what rural kid had a pink cape - ME!

As I got older, I would get a white purse to carry my hanky and small bottle of Evening in Paris perfume.

It was also the time of the year my mom felt the need to give me my biannual Tonette permanent. Therefore, every picture of me and my Easter finery includes the dreaded corkscrew style she so favored. Children had no say in these things. I'm just grateful mom did better in the clothes portion.

Easter was an opportunity to wear the strand of imitation pearls Santa had brought one Christmas. Amazingly I still have those pearls and they still look imitation and they hold great memories.

The men and boys wore suits. Plus, hats they had to balance on their knees during church. I suppose my brother's attire was new but who cared in the whole fashion scheme of things.

We always gave mom an orchid corsage (every grocery carried them in a clear plastic box in the produce section.)

I suppose there were young girls dressed much better and in more expensive finery but I sure didn't know. It was a happy time and on the way to church I'd sing:

"In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it,
You'll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade."

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