Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dirt, Mold, Moss and Algae on Vinyl?

Last summer was the worst for vinyl siding (and some other surfaces.)  Have you noticed the many homes where the siding is covered with this green or black coating?  

Our home's painted surfaces didn't have much but the vinyl shutters were covered and required so much work to clean.  Last year, the only thing that took it off my shutters was straight bleach and lots of work.  This is hard on the body and yard and impossible for large surfaces like siding.

Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Plus Oxiclean.

It claims it doesn't hurt plants or other surfaces.

It will kill a moss garden so don't spray on that.

It sells in concentrate for you to mix and apply to large surfaces.  It comes in ready to use spray bottle for small areas.  And in a container that attaches to your hose or power washer for large surfaces.

(Remember to start with the LEAST pressure if you're using a power washer.  You don't need the added problem of cracked and broken siding, screens, windows, trim and etc. from too hard of a blast.  The use of a power washer with this product is not for hard hitting water but to reach all areas.)

It says it's available at Ace Hardware and Walmart (among others.)

For the record, if nothing is done, the green/black will spread - not go away.  It's not only unsightly but it can eventually cause problems and damage to other surfaces.  For some it causes health issues.   Winter/cold does not kill it.  Even if you kill the active growth, the stain will remain unless you use a product to remove.

I know people have installed vinyl siding so as not to have to mess with the expense and labor painted surfaces require.  In this case, it appears that plan wasn't foolproof.  In addition, vinyl lawn furniture, shutters, statuary, pool surrounds and all are falling victim.    

I haven't tried this product but if your home is covered in this unsightly mess, it might be worth a try.  There are other products that say they do the same thing and there are contractors that will do the cleaning for you.  If you do yourself, read directions, take health and home precautions.  If you hire others, make sure you both know how it will affect your plants.  Let me know how it goes.

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