Monday, June 5, 2017

Favorite Plant (at the moment)

There are twenty area garden women who call ourselves "Forget Me Nots" because one of us is always forgetting the name of a plant.  Back in early May, I asked them what was their favorite plant. This is what I asked and why:

"I was just reading an article about the 2017 plants of the year.  So many are beautiful and some are also new.  But the thing about "plants of the year" is they are mostly voted on by people who sell them and that's a bit of a turn off for me.  I'm never quite sure if they are designated because it's a best seller, they have too many and want to sell more, they hybridized and get a kick back or they love it more than any plant ever this year.  

So I thought I'd get honest and genuine FMN favorites and publish them on my garden blog and I'll send an e-mail to all of us just in case you don't look at the blog."

The answers are:

Nancy A.  "New England Aster (shorter variety.)  This is a native dependable plant that comes back year after year and puts on one of the best displays of purple color every fall. I love to pair it up with black eyed Susan's or yellow or orange garden mums and other fall perennials."

Robyn T. "Like you said, it depends on the day but if I have to come up with one......bleeding hearts.  Sweet, old fashioned, romantic, and the only flower that my daughter truly loves or ever wanted to plant.  I included them in her bridal bouquet with pink roses and other old fashioned blooms and it was gorgeous.  They always make me smile 😊"  She even attached a picture of the beautiful couple and the beautiful flowers.
Robyn's daughter's wedding.

Kathy F  "I have to say that my alliums are my favorite in my garden this time of year. They stand tall above my other plants and I love the whites and purples and I need more! Like you mentioned my favorite changes from week to week."

Pat M "Tomato plants."
I think most of us will agree with Pat - yum!

Sandy W "Old pink peonies (one light and one dark.)  Her dad had dug them out of their old house and moved to this house (where Sandy now lives.)  Old fashioned petunias."

Rebecca D "The peony!  Even though I have favorites throughout the seasons, I always come back to peonies.   The anticipation is great watching the buds swell and watching the ants and wasps enjoy the process too.  There are "singles" and "doubles" and all have a delightful scent.  And after the blooms are gone the peony bush adds a green fullness to the garden the rest of the growing season.   Best of all they remind me of my mother!!!  I have approximately 20 peony bushes."

Bonnie S. "It is a difficult task.  But, this morning, it is the large, perfect, vivid Hosta. Blue Angel, Great Expectations, Spilt Milk, and I could go on. Later in the season, they lose their #1 ranking, but for now, they are splendid."
Hosta x "Blue Angel"
Diane G. "Although there are many in 2nd place, the daylily is the one that moves into the passion category."
The daylily "Carnival in Mexico"

Hope you've enjoyed hearing what others have to say.  It's been suggested we do this during midsummer and again in the fall.  Plus, doing it by specific species (such as herbs, vegetables, tree and etc.)  I'm thinking we have a new series going!

NOTE:   I've no idea why Joan's comments are in red - even though I've changed it to black.  


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