Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Family Plot

Daylily "Katisue"

Have you ever thought about planting a themed garden? Any theme, just as long as it’s engaging to you?

I have a “family plot”. It’s daylilies that have the registered names of family members. It’s surprising how even unusual names will appear.

I search the on-line American Hemerocallis Society’s list of registered names. If I find a family name, I search for that plant from suppliers.

The really fun part is what people choose for their themes. Having a family plot is pretty common (Katisue and Amazing Grace daylilies or Mother‘s rose.) Here are some ideas you may want to adopt or expand upon (a few examples are in parentheses):

Entertainment: It can be centered on one celebrity such as Elvis and his songs (Graceland daylily or Blue Suede Shoes iris.) An era, dance, stage plays, movies (April in Paris rose,) TV, rock & roll.

Colors: A garden with only green and your favorite color. Shades of black flowers and leaves (Euphorbia Blackbird,) blue (Hydrangea Blue Wave,) whites (Dad’s Best White daylily).

Scented: Either a certain scent (sweet peas, musk rose), night scented (dautra Night Scented) or very strong scented (Radiant Perfume rose.)

Historic: Centered on one person, a time and place, an event. Presidents (Mister Lincoln rose), wars (Sweet Freedom rose,) countries, veterans (War March daylily) or heritage.

Attraction: Butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, or night garden (most catalogs & plant tags tell you.)

One species: Grass, hosta, daylily, iris, rose or herbs.

Children: Things they can easily plant, care for or harvest like sunflowers or morning glories.

Specific: Husband, wife (geranium Green Goddess,) pet (Alfredo Cat daylily), hobby or vacation (China Veil daylily.)

Biblical: Plants mentioned in the Bible (Lily of the Valley,) names from the Bible, scripture based or surrounding a specific story (Armageddon Iris, Guardian Angel daylily or Pope John Paul II rose)

Dates: Birthdays, your wedding day (Wedding Band daylily,) holidays (Christmas Ruby or Blushing Summer Valentine daylilies)

Books: by author, gendre, period in time (Frankly Scarlett or Bookmark daylilies)

Food: Your favorite (Leebea Orange Crush daylily or Blueberry Parfait iris.)

Scary: Names (Rattlesnake grass,) or carnivores (Dente Flytrap.)

Theme gardens are only limited by your imagination. “Every flower about a house certifies to the refinement of somebody. Every vine climbing and blossoming tells of love and joy." A quote from Robert G. Ingersoll, former Illinois Attorney General and orator, who must have had a theme garden.

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