Monday, June 29, 2009

Daylily Madness #1

Image: Daylily - Hemerocallis "Over There".

Every gardener has their favorite flower or plant. It often changes throughout the seasons and years.

I have the "Daylily Madness" and it is a doozie of a garden obsession.

I've decided to do a short little piece every now and again during the daylily blooming season. If you simply can not abide by this flower, skip these pieces.

I'll give a particular lily and a different bit of information each time. There is a load of information about lilies and it would be too much reading for one article.

Over There Daylily has 3 1/2 inch brilliant red velvet blooms with slightly darker red halo around a small yellow throat. It's a very vigorous grower with many blooms. The scapes (stems) are 28 inches. It is a dormant variety. It blooms early to mid season.

Other qualities: Slightly recurved petals, mid vein slightly pronounced, velvet texture, holds color and texture even in hot sun, hybridized by Apps and registered in 1983, may rebloom, no fragrance.

Remember: Size, color, quality, and a host of other traits may be different between your garden, my garden, and the catalog descriptions.

For today - that's my "Over There" madness review.

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