Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hotter than a Texas Fire!

Images: This is the Jackmanii Clematis I referred to yesterday. 

Both then and today, the humidity (98%) and temperature (111.3 in the sun at the moment) are high. Both pictures are looking West.

The picture with the dogs is how the plant looks early in the morning and after the sun sets in the west enough that the plant is shaded. During the heat of mid day, with full sun, it wilts.

Amazingly, about 3 p.m., the plant looks good as new. It certainly doesn't need water because we have had about 3 inches in the last few days. Perhaps it is just conserving energy, protecting the petal face and pollen, or an emotional response. Kidding on the emotional response.

I found it interesting because it's never done this before. But then again, I've never wilted quite so fast outside as I am this week. Stepping outside at 7:30 a.m. to take a few pictures of newly emerged plants, I was drenched in about an hour. I can't do something quick like that without stooping to pull a few weeds, add a missing plant marker, document something or tie up flopping stems. Water and brush a cat and dog, wash a window and by 9 a.m., it's definitely time for a shower. It's an emotional response I'm sure.

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