Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy Fun

Image: Hemerocallis "Prairie Angel".

For my daughter's birthday, we had shopped the iris display at Hornbaker Gardens (Princeton). Today, they were ready to be picked up.

The daylilies were blooming - three large fields. You do know how dangerous it is for me to see three fields??? I did manage to control myself rather well (considering).

Hornbaker Gardens is entertainment. They have landscaped acres to allow customers to visualize how their plants could look in a natural setting. There are large established trees, a ravine, lakes, waterfalls, fish ponds, paths, shade, sun, and in between.

Hornbaker's specializes in hosta, iris and daylilies. They also carry a mix of other perennials, trees, bushes, pots, garden stuff, and statuary. I saw people who brought a picnic and license plates from several states. There are workers everywhere - each daylily field had at least three college age kids deadheading. They are friendly in a big business kind of way. Meaning they will help you but don't expect a long chit chat about the weather - they are busy and want to stay that way.

I did manage to buy the above daylily today. Take your GPS or map quest directions - it's out in the middle of farm country.

Another stop on the way to Princeton is Red Barn Nursery right outside Sheffield off Route 6. There is a sign showing which road to turn down. What a nice surprise the first time I stopped. They specialize in annuals although they do carry some perennials and bushes.

The staff was very helpful and friendly in a talk about gardening kind of way. Unless you call for an appointment, they are closed until next spring.

The great thing about Red Barn is their stock is very healthy and they carry things I've never seen locally. This is both flowers, vegetables and herbs.
Always nice to buy locally and these two are certainly worth our patronage.

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