Saturday, July 11, 2009

Distorted Images

Flowers and garden growth provide a great opportunity to get your "Georgia O'Keefe" going.

These images are a Julia Child yellow rose, blue Donkey's Tail Spurge, the glowing pink is a zinnia and the other two three are daylilies.

The beauty of plant anatomy is so outstanding when taken in small close-up photographs. With a zoom lens and/or a photo computer program, it's possible to create these beautiful works of art.

If the pictures are out-of-focus, it will continually get more blurry as you crop and enlarge. Some desired effects may be out-of-focus or blurred by intention.

A really in-depth program will provide the tools for pasting one image into another such as putting a human head coming out of the flower's stamen. The programs available are only limited by your interest and finances. There are artists that work exclusively with computer art.

I don't do too much of this, but there are times when a photo begs to be enhanced. To do this, I will make a copy (so as not to loose the original). I, then, play with it by cropping certain parts, changing the contrast (as with the zinnia), re-centering to change the focal point and etc. Since my program is rather basic, the above are about as enhanced as I can accomplish.

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