Saturday, October 2, 2010

ER Room at the PC Hospital

This week I've taken as many walks through the yard and woods as I could accomplish. Taking my camera and taking many pictures of the last blooming hurrah. I've posted wild or naturalized asters. This one is a self seeded naturalized perennial - offering up lunch to a butterfly.

The bottom two pictures are the parent of asters, the wild version. They are thick in our woods this year due to the heavy rains.

Some are white and others a light lavender.

Tonight should put a stop to the growing season if we actually get a freeze. I had hoped to issue my readers all kinds of warnings and suggestions for your flowers in hopes of prolonging some of the blooms.
Alas, my computer finally locked up and is heading to the PC ER. I'm using a little laptop and my fingers haven't adjusted to the change yet. Hence - no warnings from this gardener unless you want to struggle around in the dark...
Typically, I don't try to prolong the annuals' blooms - they go when they go. This year, I did try to cover my pots out front and cover my one enormous chartreuse potato vine in hopes of looking at them just a little bit longer. I'm just not ready to part with their last burst of color quite yet.
I've found that flannel backed plastic table cloths (the kind you get at Dollar General on sale for $1) work quite well for covering plants during light frosts. We'll see how well they work if it really freezes tonight.
If my postings become a little sparse for a week - realize I really do need to be at the ER holding the hand (or is it the drive) of my computer. I told my daughter's friend (the computer guru) that people my age (I'll let that definition just lay out there) just want a computer invented that takes no special talents to operate. Just do your job and stop making me try to fix, update, delete and now repair the thing. Don't put a bunch of programs and games on my PC without asking because it slows it down and what's the point if I never use them. With all the computer gurus out there, wouldn't you think just one would have thought it might be a market worth tapping???
Alright, I'm getting off my PC soapbox and see if an aspirin will work - for me not my PC! And I'm putting a disclaimer out there right now - misspelled words and other odd grammar mistakes are a probability for the rest of next week. fekawz m aveng a rd tym...z

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