Friday, April 29, 2011

All Hail The Queen

Doing a "Royals of England" garden article just in case you haven't had enough in-depth coverage of everything from Royal shoes to zippers.  Whether you enjoy the pageantry, the opulence, the history, or even the silliness - it's definitely a wide topic.

Many heirloom roses carry the names and descriptions from the Victorian England era.  Since Queen Victoria loved her gardens, many focus on Royalty.  A few are listed below and are rated for our Zone 5.  Enjoy.
 THE PRINCE'S TRUST"The Prince's Trust", an English Legend rose.  It's a fragrant climber rated for Zone 5.
ROYAL PAGEANT™ (HARblend)(Della Balfour)"Royal Pageant" is another fragrant climber for this area.
  THE PRINCE®   (AUSvelvet) Pat. 8813"The Prince" has old rose perfume on the royal velvet substance.  A David Austin rose.
REINE VICTORIA"Reine Victoria" was named for Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.   Developed in 1872, it is extremely fragrant heirloom Bourbon rose. 
Rosa "Queen of England" is a Grandiflora tea rose. 

Not a rose, but, in the carrot family - "Queen Anne's Lace" has one lore crediting the lace making skills of Queen Ann of England for it's name.

The current Queen Elizabeth wore a coronation gown which was embroidered with floral emblems for the countries of the Commonwealth: English Tudor rose, Scots thistle, Welsh leek, Irish shamrock, Australian wattle, Canadian maple leaf, New Zealand silver fern, South African protea, lotus flowers for India and Ceylon, and Pakistan's wheat, cotton, and jute.

Daylily "Royal Prince" (below) is one of many holding royal titles. 

"God Save The Queen" daylily. 
And finally, there are the many flower gardens with Royal connections.  One of the most famous is the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens.

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