Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cute Little Trick

I added a cute little trick to the bottom of my blog allowing those interested to have new "For The Love Of Gardening" articles sent to your e-mail address. 

I added this feature about a month ago.  I wanted to make sure it worked in a manner I liked before I recommended to readers.  It's pretty slick and doesn't have a bunch of added advertisements or pop-ups.  It's the article, including the photos, and easy to read. 

I don't use your e-mail address for anything - period - nothing - zip.  If you want to correspond, the comment section provides that avenue.  I don't give out my e-mail address to readers for a couple of reasons.  First - I use my e-mail for family and business.  Second - the only time I did, it was used as a way for someone's agenda to flood my address.   Thanks for understanding.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read these little stories.  I've always maintained that gardeners are the nicest people and I'm gratified to be touching some of you with "For The Love Of Gardening".     

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