Thursday, December 29, 2011

Capture the Fire

One of the reasons I enjoy living in the Midwest, in the country and on a hill is the beautiful cloud formations.  Combine those with a sunset and photo opportunities abound.

I tend to take many photos when there's a sky like the one in these recent pictures.  Not only do the different areas of the sky have different views (is that a duh thing on my part), but, as the sun sets, the colors play off the clouds in different ways and colors. 

The above photo is directly west.  Because the sun is shielded by the clouds, there isn't a huge fire ball making reflections in my camera lens.
This photo is southwest and captures some of the wind turbines.  Allowing structures, such as trees, buildings, and these turbines adds depth and perspective.    

As the sun sets over the horizon, the sky pulls in shades of purple, pinks and yellows.

If the sunset is your primary focus, it's important to use hardscapes as frames.  If you're not someone who has artistic visualization skills, it's important to take many different examples.  Discard those that just don't work and keep the ones that are "wow" moments.    

Although the entire photo has branches in the foreground, the sunset is the primary focus.  The colors and intensity of the sun far outweighs the black branches. 

If you're not adept at arranging the subject matter in real time, consider purchasing a photo editor package for the computer.  AND take loads of pictures.  I'm always amazed when a quick click results in a stellar view.  Enjoy the clouds, they not only bring rain and snow, they bring lovely photos to be cherished.   

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