Monday, December 19, 2011

Wind Turbines

This is a photo of the first portion of two windmills going in behind our property.  The blades are already attached to the gear housing.

This is the crane holding the gear housing and blades as they are attached to the tower.

This is another location about a mile away from our house.  I liked the contrast of the old and new.

Wind turbines (or windmills as they used to be called) are the topic of conversation by neighbors and those afar.  The wind farm will have hundreds of turbines and our area will encompass the first phase. 

Whether residents are proponents of the wind turbines and wind generated energy, most admit it's been an awesome thing to watch how efficiently this project has unfolded.  Dedicated crews are used for each step, they work long hours and they have been careful to create a minimal amount of problems for residents.

Unless we are in a hurry, many residents have sat and marvelled at the equipment being trucked onto farm land.  The size of each blade, the housing and the towers have surprised those of us who have viewed them up close.  The number of cement trucks used during the foundation phase, the amount of gravel put down to secure sturdy roads, and the speed of the project is pretty amazing.

To date, my vote is still out on whether it will be a plus for the area.  Tax moneys, landowner leases, gifts to area towns, workers patronizing local business, clean energy are some of the pluses.  Complaints have often been centered around speculation, the looks on the landscape, and gripes and grudges. 

Maybe it's my utility - energy background, but, I'm enjoying the process.  As those babies start turning and producing, I'll be more informed.  Today they are awesome!     

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