Saturday, January 28, 2012

Loosing Eloise

Today, a best friend and close as a sister cousin passed away after a long battle with cancer. 

That's Eloise in the front in the little pink dress and the bow in her hair looking angelic and that's me second from her left with dark hair looking like a little mischief maker.  Truth is, we were a little of both.  Because we were close in age, both girls, and our folks were together every week of our young lives, we had a bond no time or distance could erase.

Being a sentimental type person has led me to keep things that haven't much worth other than they are tied to a memory.  A little this or that can bring a memory of some event or of someone special. 

Sweet memories of my mother's "French" iris, the Boston ferns my Grandma Shenk had in pots on her summer porch, and the blue corn flowers that were a favorite of my friend, June.

I can't imagine a garden without memories tied to them.  It's why I have a cottage garden style in my yard.  It allows me to tuck in every odd plant willy nilly just because it holds a memory for me.

Where there isn't a specific flower, I've loaded (and overloaded) a bed with daylilies named after family.  Since Eloise wasn't much into gardening (she was married to a career Air Force man and lived all over the world), I'm thinking an "Eloise" daylily will be perfect.

Today I may cry again for her suffering and my loss.  Tomorrow I may touch a flower and smile at her memory.

“Let’s be grateful for those who give us happiness,
they are the charming gardeners who make our soul bloom.”
- Marcel Proust

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