Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pretty Pictures

Pretty Pictures ~ Pretty Ribbons of Blue
Pretty pencils to write "I love you."

OK, OK, I know I've taken liberty with the lyrics, but they go so lovely with these garden themed photos.   Most of these photos are from the ~Romantic~Vintage Home~ facebook page and Karen is gracious to share with others.

This is a bit of a fluff piece although most gardeners are inspired by the beauty around them.  These photos are beauty from the simple to the wonderfully over-the-top.  Enjoy!

This is the over-the-top creation - made from fresh flowers.  Don't you wonder why this was created - what event - the client?

No doubt this takes "Shabby Chic" to a whole new level.  And my husband and I have had a few laughs about this photo.  To explain:  Husband was born in an area of the country where there might be a multitude of vehicles and car parts in the yard.  Much of it is on cement blocks - involves rust and high weeds.  Admittedly, they say the same thing we gardeners say, "I have a plan for it." 
Old architectural pieces (in this case an old door) can be used as garden accents if done with aesthetics in mind. **see the above for those that might slip into what we call "Georgia yard ornaments".  Old doors can be used to fence off an area, leaned against something to add character, to make an entry into a little area or as a arbor.  Life of these pieces isn't all that long in our area of the country.  Still it can be a beautiful accent in the right garden and used well.  
Many of Karen's garden photos involve entertaining and/or eating and drinking.  What I enjoy about them is most are done with what someone had on hand (or gives that impression).  I so like the idea of taking a little of this and a little of that and the end result is beautiful.  It takes the pressure off first timers that they must have real china, real crystal, real silver, real butlers and waiters - you get the idea.  My idea of REAL is how a host or hostess treats their guests.

I loved this one (yes, I'm a farm girl) and thought my husband would find it a project HE would want to jump right into.  Those of you familiar with barbed wire know it's difficult to work with in the most simple situations - let alone bend into this beautiful form.  I haven't given up hope although I'm guessing there is precious little hope my husband will put it on his "to do list".
I'll close with the beautiful little corner.  It looks so easy and that's the fooler for really beautiful shabby chic.  It's not always easy to look easy.  Done poorly, it could like a corner where junk has been left to fall apart.  Pulled together with the right kind of flowers, in the right places, the "casual" placing of the quilt and it becomes a showpiece.

Have a lovely Saturday - dream a little dream for me! 


  1. Great are so talented and have such a good eye. Wish I had that talent...until I do I will continue to enjoy thinkgs like this through your eyes...