Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BF Goodrich

Do you remember old car or tractor tire planters?  People would lay them on their side, fill them with soil and plant flowers.  They were usually in the front yard, sometimes with a matching twin, and the classy ones were painted white.  The really artistic would cut little wedges and curl them upward.  

They were a good use of something no one wanted.  They were the forerunner of raised beds.  They were virtually indestructible.

Then came a society who turned their noses up at having a tire "for heaven's sake" in the yard.  It was trashy!  Tacky!  Seriously not cool!

And then what goes around - comes around and tires are back "in" style.  They're hip!  It's "green" to recycle!  It saves the planet!  It's innovative!  And society does a hundred and eighty.  Live long enough and you'll see most every phase come and go.  Each new generation thinks it has been terribly clever to invent something new. 

Here are some photos of tire planters from various net sites.  Some are pretty cute.
I thought this was sideways until I realized they were mounted to the side of a building.

This one is a store display with dried branches.

This bright display could dual purpose as a fence.
Not a planter but certainly kid friendly.

For the gardener who has A LOT of tires.

If you've priced hose holders, you know this is a pretty good substitute.    The good news with tire recycling:  the brand, the original cost, and the wear doesn't make any difference to the success of your planter.     Go eco friendly GO!

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