Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's Hip To Be Square

Most of my garden friends live in small towns or the rural communities.  We're not the "hicks" described in old movies; we enjoy the serenity.  We chose to live a less complicated lifestyle within easy access to big city opportunities.

There's a competition going on right now:   "This Is Retail" video contest.  My favorite gardener - yes my very favorite is daughter, Susan Kaufman.  Susan's video of her Market Alley Wines retail store was picked as one of the top twenty videos in the nation.  Pretty awesome stuff for this small town (Monmouth, Illinois) store run by an awesome daughter.

Susan's video is up against some heavy weight competition such as Macy's and Brighten.  How can a little retailer, in business for less than one year, successfully compete?  You did ask "how" didn't you?  The answer is it's now entering into a weekly voting contests and YOU can have ten votes for Market Alley Wines a day.  The top three winners will get some much needed money for their business. 

Please consider voting for Susan's Market Alley Wines video this week.  Please vote your ten votes every day this week.  Share on your facebook page.  Access the voting at:
The Market Alley Wines Facebook page.

Do it for daughters everywhere.  Do it for gardeners.  Do it for wine drinkers.  Do it for small communities.  Do it for the small retailers.  And thank you so much!! 

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