Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Cult?

Are gardeners a secret cult, worshiping the gods of all things nature?  Do they have same personalities, passions, and focus?  Do they take the same road and only focus on the end result?  Oh, heck, no!

Gardeners are as diverse a group as you will find.  The only common demonimator that I've ever seen is their love of gardening and a selfless friendliness to anyone remotely interested in gardening.

I was reminded of that yesterday.  A local organization had a garden walk and my husband and I hosted an evening "thank you" to the gardeners and other walk volunteers. 

We spent hours talking about our yards, favorite and not so favorit plants.  The weather and Japanese Beetles were an intermittant conversation around every turn.

Questions, suggestions, experiences and compliments flowed.  Gardeners share!  Not only plants, but, encouragement and a positive attitude toward the other gardener.  It's an example of positive reinforcement the motivational speakers would drool over. 

Shared experiences bond people and gardeners are no different.  After having pulled two gazillion weeds, dealing with invasives and damaging insects, the effects of no rain - these people have compassion for the other guy.

I've never seen a true gardener whisper under their breath about "Did you see she/he had a (fill in the blank) in her flowers?  Tisk Tisk."  Although eager to share solutions, I've never heard a true gardener offer an opinion where none has been sought. 

This morning as I did my morning daylily deadheading and picture taking prior to it getting so terribly hot, I felt nurtured and pleased.  Hoky perhaps - true as a fact.

Enjoy your yards as we celebrate the first of July.  Know that there are other true gardeners rooting for you!              

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