Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fifteen is Good

I once announced: "You can really never have enough daylilies."  As our fifteenth grandchild is born, I can announce: "You really never can have enough grandchildren."

I'm always on the lookout for daylilies (pretty daylilies) with a name at least close to that of my family.  I have one bed devoted to these; called the "family bed".  The "family bed" name can raise a few eyebrows until it's understood just what it contains.   

Since the criteria is names, the colors have no rhyme or reason.  It's a wild uncoordinated mess of daylilies that I love.  It's located right off the screened in porch and enjoyed the entire daylily season.

Every morning, I head out bright and early to deadhead and take pictures.  It's fun to note, "Oh Betty is blooming so pretty today."  OK if that puts me officially into crazy old lady - so be it!  Here are a few of my "family bed" daylilies that have performed really well this dry hot summer.

Bryan Paul Daylily
Donny Delight Daylily

Katisue Daylily
Lunar Max Daylily

Megan's Love Daylily
Siloam Betty Woods Daylily
Susie Wong Daylily
Timeless Grace
  And we are expecting our sixteenth grand baby this week.  I'm just sure sixteen is better!

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