Sunday, February 10, 2013


Daylily "Quilt Patch"
Oakes Daylilies is running an educational series on (wait for it - wait for it):  daylilies.

Daylilies 101 is about daylily descriptions and what they mean.  Daylilies 102 talks about parts of the daylily.  I've talked about Oakes before. 

Oakes is my vendor of choice for daylilies.  They were tops in the Dave's Garden best commercial garden products list for 2012-13.  They have exceptional customer service and product.  They have a nice selection of daylilies and add new varieties every year.  They let you review their products on line and don't filter out the negative.  They put background and hybrid information with each lily.  Their prices are reasonable and competitive.

Daylily "Myth and Magic"

If you're new to daylilies or just want to see what their saying, go to
They have a facebook page and you can sign up for e-mail newsletters and notifications.  They don't pester you with too much stuff.

If you're needing a little shot of beautiful this morning, check out their products. 

Note:  Both Quilt Patch and Myth and Magic grow in my garden and both are featured in the newsletter.

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