Monday, February 4, 2013


Garden writers can get inspiration from all kinds of places and things - some of it depends on the depth of imagination, perhaps an artistic eye, and the world around them.  In this case, it was a photo posted to the facebook page "Hippy Peace Freaks".  Yes, I'm of the era.  But aside from going off on a hippy tangent, isn't this a beautiful photo of a purple rose?  Since I don't have purple roses, I offer theirs because it's so enticing and inspiring.

Purple is not my favorite color although I don't hate it so much as simply don't think of it as something I want.  I do have quite a bit in my garden because it showcases other colors and can be rich, cooling, heated, black, or a partner. 

Daylily "Orange Vols" with hosta flowers
One of the strange purple combos in my yard is an unknown dark purple daylily next to the bright "Orange Vols" and an unknown light peach.  And they're all mixed in with purple hosta blooms.

I depend on purple for fall color.  If I didn't have purple asters, the gardens would be pretty lifeless come September.

I don't seem to be able to pass a flat of purple pansies each spring without tucking a few in my shaded window boxes.  The volunteer violas are so sweet and it's amazing how they can pop up through cracks in bricks.

Daylily "Night Beacon"
Along with pansies, I've never considered my violets invasive weeds as many profess.  I have a large bed of purple, white and multi colored violets growing in the woods.  A photo op waiting for me to walk the paths although I've never seen a photo as beautiful as this patch is in person.

Here's some pretty purples from my gardens.

Butterfly on asters
Double Petunia
French Iris

Daylily "Wayside King Royal"

 Note the many shades of purple.

The designs, substance, forms, and the seasons.  All purple!

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