Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inspirational Gardening

What has inspired your gardening? 
A trip to public gardens?
A family or friend?
Photos in magazines or on-line?
A story?

I'm in the place of honor 
on Grandma' lap.
There's nothing new under the sun is pretty much true when it comes to garden inspiration.  We all draw from others or nature itself.

I first drew from my Great Grandma Gift's garden.  We went there often during the summers when I was quite young.  The women had on dresses and heels; men in white shirts and ties; children in some form of Sunday best. 

There was always an abundance of seating in Grandma Gift's gardens.  It was pre air conditioning, it allowed everyone room to visit and children room to play.

Stores were closed, we'd all been to church, farm chores done and a drive to Fairmont Indiana was the excitement of the day.

Grandma's yard had a small fish pond, trees and lots of flowers.  It was large enough to run and small enough to keep us all together. 

Someone always brought a camera and I'm grateful for the many black and white photos - often posed.  Next to Grandma's gardens, her red hair was pretty awesome.  Not just red, it glowed that color often referred to as strawberry blond. 

My family and I 
at Grandma's house.
Being one of the littlest great grandchildren, I was often in her lap.  I like to think it was because I was so precious and not because I needed restraint.  In light of my seat of favor, I saw her gardens from a Princess perch.

I had a friend tell me about a survey of young children and the thing they listed as making them the most sad was the loss of a grandparent.  A good reminder the love and affection for our grandchildren is important in the very life of those precious little ones. 

It certainly made a difference in my gardening style.  I love the cottage look, the availability of lots of chairs and little grandchildren to run and perch on my lap.

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