Friday, April 12, 2013


It's National Grilled Cheese Day.

My Grilled Cheese of the day:

2 -  1 inch slices of Texas toast (Use other if you like)
1/2 - sliced avocado (do I need to tell you to remove the skin and seed?)
1 slice of red onion (more or less as you want)
1/4 C - grated Gouda cheese
1/4 C - grated cheddar
1/4 C -  grated Swiss
2 - bacon slices - cooked crisp and drain & crumble
Fresh ground pepper (to taste)
1 - clove of garlic (peeled & chopped fine)

These are good on a flat grill or your outside grill.  Grill slow & low enough all the cheeses melt without burning the bread.

Mix cheeses (Don't use pre-grated cheeses), bacon, garlic and pepper
Generously butter one side of each bread slice.  Lay one slice on the grill (buttered side down)
Arrange avocado slices over bread
Add half cheese.
Arrange onion slices over cheese
Add remaining cheese
Top with bread slice (butter side up)

Grill until golden and cheese starts to melt and hold it together.  Flip and grill until golden and cheeses are gooey.  Slice in half and serve with sliced fresh tomatoes on a bed of lettuce, sprinkled with Kosher salt.

If you want to lower the fat content:

Substitute a lightly poached egg for 1/2 the cheese.
Use extra virgin oil instead of butter
Use one bacon slice - crumbled

A tip:

If you refrigerate a little olive oil, it will turn the consistency of butter and make it easier to spread.

Another tip:

Wear a bib, this can be one messy sandwich.  Or do the Guy Fieri hunch over, hold out your elbows and lean into the mess method of eating. 

If you want to spice it up:

Chop some fresh hot peppers (amount is up to you) and mix with cheese.

Lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, garlic and onions can all be grown in your own garden.  If you live south, pop some avocados in your garden or in pots. 


Can you tell I'm starting my "gotta have fresh tomatoes" issue?

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