Monday, July 22, 2013

Opposites Attract

Pink Cleome with daylilies of many colors
Orange Vols with hosta flowers
We hear "Opposites attract" when talking about married couples.  It, also, applies to daylilies.

I have Orange Vols daylily close to a patch of purple blooming hosta.   Orange Vols is a bright neon orange; one of those you see from across the yard.

I would seldom recommend combining purple and orange.  It kinda screams CLASH!  When I planted them, the hosta wasn't blooming as early as it has the past few years.  Now they have blooms on at the same time.

AND I love the contrast.  Don't be afraid to experiment with colors the experts warn against.  Using only a strict interpretation of the color wheel eliminates happy mistakes.   These are some of mine.
Purple de Oro with False Sunflower

Orange Little Judy with red Carmine Monarch

Golden Bradley Hardy and lavender Hey Mr. Blue

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