Thursday, August 1, 2013

Not a Casual Pastime

True Confessions:  I really can't grasp how planes fly (I've had it explained but it seems so impossible), electricity works (I know I worked for a gas & electric utility) and how to keep bees.  OK, I've bared my imperfect and unintelligent soul and I'm coming up for a breath of air.

I was in the Master Gardener class with a bee keeper, the Bush Farms website has information about bee keeping and I've read BUT STILL the amount of thought, knowledge and luck that's needed to successfully keep bees is like a foreign language.

Bees have been studied and examined and still there's a mystery surrounding them that is mystic and beautiful and a lot unknown.

I understand how nature can wreak havoc on grain and livestock farmers but (perhaps because I was raised on a farm) it has a certain logic.  If "this" happens - you do "this" etc.  With bee keeping it's full of the probably and maybe and we hope and sometimes.

I try to make my little corner of the world hospitable to bees and other pollinators.  A succession of flowering plants that they need and want.  Lack of pesticide use.  Shade and water.  But my efforts have little to do with the art of bee keeping as an occupation.

So here's to you bee keepers of this world - a toast to perseverance and beating the odds.   

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