Monday, September 2, 2013

The Miracle of Fall

Sometimes there's a web site that's so good, it's just easier to copy it to the Blog and let you access it from here.  

Whether you're in Illinois or another state, this site provides access to fall viewing, visiting, photographing and fun places.  

I'm just sure September Labor Day is the perfect time to plan the rest of our fall fun!  I did notice yesterday some of the maple trees have definately started turning red, the tulip tree is turning gold, the walnuts are simply loosing leaves (they are always the first in my yard) and the burning bush is starting to turn "burning red".  The field corn is drying so fast it's a new brown/gold look every day.  Bottom ears are pointing down.   We saw harvesting in the southern part of the state last week.  

We'll start seeing pumpkins, gourds and other fall decorations available at roadside stands and markets.  If you don't want to use creative juices, simply buy someone else's creations.  

Website of the Day: The Miracle of Fall

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