Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Georgia Yard Ornaments

My husband is from Georgia and every time we travel back, he comments on "Georgia Yard Ornaments".  It's the description of car parts (in whole or parts) propped up on cement blocks, hanging from trees, or otherwise left where they fell.

There are folks that have taken this to a finer and exalted level.  Whether Georgia Yard Ornaments are your thing or not, you'll have to admit they are thinking outside the box - or in this case inside the car.
A totally non scientific observation:  VW owners seem to have this inner need to expand their creativity into gardening.   Enjoy - these pics taken from Pinterest.

Rocks and old car parts.

Peddle car parked in among flowers.

Perhaps larger than most, this dump truck is home to MANY plants.

Water fall truck.

A DIY tire idea for kids.

More DIY tire ideas for the tropical effect.

One Adam Twelve in service out west.

Peddle car pot.

VW springing into life.

Donated to our fine feathered friends.

Grilling VW.

Moss covered VW.

Pretty in pink VW.

Do run de run.  Or is it Dew run de run?

Mail boxes with a headlight theme.
The true "Georgia Yard Ornament" yard.

Timmy outgrew his Tonka toy and mom put it to use.

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