Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Richard Feynman

Flowers on our plum tree.  The predictions about all spring blooming
buds being killed by the severe winter didn't come true - yeah!
Daffodils last forever and I've started buying up any different kind I find
at a low cost and plopping them at the edge, in the middle and
along paths in the woods.
I've never heard anyone say "Darn! I have too many."
One of the most brilliant scientists that ever lived would have been 96 on May 11th.  Out of his many quotes, I like this one:  "We are not to tell nature what she's gotta do.  She's always got better imagination than we have."  He may have been referring to lofty ideas but it applies to gardening, too.

My yard has been exploding with new growth and beautiful flowers.  Without a lot of talk (you're welcome very much) here are some recent pictures.
If you can only have one spring flowering bush, Pink Flowering Almond
is perfect.  

They predicted no lilacs would bloom this year because of the cold
winter - wrong-O.  Happy-O!  

One of the few ground covers I recommend: "Archangel - Yellow Variegatum" has
beauty but isn't a thug.
Although they are pretty much nondescript most of the year, Redbud trees
are spectacular during Spring.  Perfectly wonderful.

These Parrot tulips were planted when we put in the tree - a good way to
have both and not damage roots while digging.

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