Friday, May 2, 2014

Skirtin' On the Edge of Normal

What is normal?  Our old friend, Webster, says it's conforming to the standard or the common type; not abnormal; regular; natural.

From all the weathermen tell us, this winter has NOT been normal.  No big surprise to anyone who lives in the Midwest or about any other place in this beautiful U.S. of A.

Speaking as someone who occasionally walks on the edge of Abby normal, I've rather enjoyed some of the crazy weather this winter.  I have the option of staying home in bad weather and can simply look out our big picture window and smile.

And now we enter the tornado season and I can unequivocally tell you it's my least favorite.  Loving spring flowers and the incoming warmth tends to blow to the background when the weather alert siren starts shrieking.

Consider these spring storm preparations:

Have a plan and make sure ALL the family knows the plan.

Consider the cell phone and computer free weather alert apps.  These let you know if there's a severe storm or tornado even while your away from home or outside gardening. 

Install internal surge protectors and if your home is often near lightening strikes, your utility can install an external whole house surge protector for a monthly fee.

Prune tree branches that hang over your house.

Make sure your cell phone is charged.

Go to the basement or inside room when a severe storm or tornado is imminent.

Find shelter someplace else if you live in a mobile home.

A car is just another projectile, find shelter someplace else.

Do not stand outside to take really great pictures during a tornado.  Duh factor!

No one ever died going to a safe shelter too soon.  

If your family finds it so very not cool to go stand in the basement, have an old radio (with batteries), a six pack of water, a box of snack food, a deck of cards and a flashlight in a box where you'll wait.

If you are going to the shelter in ample time, take your purse, billfold, glasses, meds, flashlight, cellphone, and anything you can't live without.  Do not search for these things AFTER the weather alert says WARNING.

I head for the basement if there's a tornado warning and if the weather looks threatening.  I've been asked if I'm afraid of storms and I'm not.  I love the looks of really angry clouds.  BUT and this is a big but:  I've been around tornadoes and I've been in tornadoes.  I have a healthy respect for what they can do and the human body simply hasn't a chance if you don't act wisely.  

Stay safe - we need all our gardening friends!

Check out my "Storms"article on spring weather if you want more info.  

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