Sunday, July 13, 2014

Forget Me Nots

One of our group's rural gardens
I'd been around garden clubs in the past and never much cared for the hours spent sitting at tables with rules and not much gardening.  A friend and I were talking about that very thing while we were at a garden class and I decided to see if there were other gardeners who wanted to do garden things but not "meet" "vote" "have rules" and sit inside.  And there were!

Talking plants in an urban garden.
At first we loosely called ourselves "garden ladies" but that quickly changed to the "Forget Me Nots" when we spent the first time together talking about plants and having trouble remembering all the names.  Gardening and sense of humor seem to work well together.

Visiting a nursery for spring plants
Today, here's how we do this little group:  Each month one of us heads up what we do.  Aside from that, it's a loose plan.  Being able to roll with the weather and busy schedules is important.  To this end, if you can make it then good, if not we'll see you when you can.  If it rains, we'll either sit and talk gardening or cancel and move on to another time.  If someone gets their weeds pulled, has taken their shower and sends out an e-mail saying "have wine on the porch tonight; come if you can." that's OK, too.  

A rep from Rooftop Sedums sharing their product
while we visited on the back porch of one member.
All of us knows someone in the group, most of us didn't know everyone in the beginning.  We invite friends who might like that particular month's plan and if they want to keep coming we add them to the list and if not they're still welcome any time and anyway.  

It's the only group I meet with that "how you dress" isn't important.  And most times we include walking shoes, umbrellas, hats, cameras and food.  Did I mention:  food.  Some do the cooking and other times we stop at a restaurant.  Seems DQ is not out of the question after a day of garden fun.

Some heavy metal pickin' for yard creations.
We're still just getting started and finding what works.  We've gone to classes, had a formal presentation, gone metal pickin', visited individual gardens and commercial nurseries.  We're getting creative as we think of winter months and longer road trips.  

We car pool, laugh and have considered buses.  We share plants and yesterday some pulled garlic.  A lot of time is spent discussing what works for us and what hasn't.  We complain about weeds!  

My daylilies going crazy in the morning sun.
We are new gardeners and experienced gardeners.  We are hobbyists and Master Gardeners.  Some of us raise our own vegetables, others just flowers, some are into confers, annuals, perennials or just looking.  A few use their gardens (or have in the past) as a business.  Some are retired, others work outside the home and a few still have children at home.  We all have gardening passion.    

Wanted to share what we're doing in hopes you may also venture into gardening groups in a casual and fun way.    

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