Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nature's Christmas

No, there's no deep meaning to this article - it's only about using natural (or nature's) supply of things for decorating your home for the holidays.

I've been a pinecone lover all my life.  First:  they smell good.  Second:  they are so wonderfully other world looking.  Third:  they can be used for decorating.  Yeah!  Add to pinecones, holly, twigs, leaves, nuts and feathers.  

If you're a gardener, you will have found loose feathers lightly laying on the ground.  I can never pass one of these beauties without picking it up and tucking it into a decoration.  I do suggest cleaning the feathers if you bring them inside because they can harbor insects and disease.  Gently wash in "Mr. Clean" and lay flat to dry on a paper towel.   

I made a giant pinecone wreath long ago and it lasted for years which is good because it took F.O.R.E.V.E.R to make.  I still use the glittered pinecones granddaughter, Katherine, gifted me one year.  

Market Alley Wines
I tucked holly and silvered hydrangea flowers into the table vases at my daughter's wine shop ( or see her Pinterest and Facebook pages) for Christmas decorations.  Holly will dry and still look lovely week after week.  The berries may drop so I never leave them on the branches for the sake of pets, children and staining.

Branches add depth and design to arrangements and if you're a glitter freak (admit it if you cannot leave a project alone until there's glitter somewhere) just coat in Elmer's glue and dip in the sparkly stuff for a winter wonderland.  

Nuts are a natural for decorating.  I made little winter people one year using nuts for the head.  Twenty years later I still have them - alas in a baggie and not on the tree because they are so past their prime but I'm too sentimental to throw them away.  I know:  the kids will not even be able to put them on the hayrack one day.

Soooo:  I thought I'd check out Pinterest in an effort to find a few pictures of pinecone crafts for this article and there were so many I finally decided I needed to get my pinecone mojo working with my crafting granddaughter, Grace.  Bring on the glue and glitter - grandma is on a binge!

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