Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Writers Paradise

Writers are a mixed bag of personalities, driving forces, history and outcomes.  Really good writers take us to places we can only visit in our minds.  They paint pictures so vivid and expressive we are transported into a situation as if we lived there.  John Sloan of Galva was a transporter and more.  He not only painted the pictures through his writing but in the process he made us better for having experienced his thoughts as our own.  Today John passed away after a long difficult battle with cancer.  He leaves behind a loving family, multitudes of friends, readers and fans.

In his much too short life, we can say his music soothed, his writing inspired, and his example helped make us better human beings.  But perhaps his mirror of God’s love is his most valued legacy.  When people say, “There’s a new angel in Heaven” in John’s case we know it’s true.  A musical, lyrical, compassionate angel – what more could we wish for John if we couldn’t keep him longer.

As with all our community, I’m sending love and prayers for John’s wife, Megan, sons Colin and Patrick and their families.  May God continue to comfort you with his presence; a God John served with valor. 

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