Monday, March 16, 2015

Pot of Gold!

I have a cute little daylily "Leprechaun's Wealth" and it seems the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick's day.

Some Leprechaun facts:  

It was hybridized by Hudson in 1978.  It was a free gift from Oakes Daylilies back in 2009.  (Oakes always sends a free daylily with my orders and the picks are a nice surprise.)  

I have a rather large yard with lots of green and always think I need big dramatic flowers or they get lost in the mass.  When this little guy arrived I was rather disappointed.  Not one to "look a gift horse in the mouth", I planted it on the "other side" of my clothesline support arbor.  The "other side" is where my not so favorite plants go since I seldom can simply not use a plant even if it isn't a favorite.  It's in the same bed as that beautiful pink rose that only blooms once every five years and who knows why, the white daylily I divided into one too many clumps and an unknown gold & red daylily I planted with no knowledge of how it would look.

Back to facts:  Leprechaun's Wealth has 2 1/2 inch flowers.  They are round and sturdy and a little cone shaped.  The color is a bright gold/apricot self with ruffled edges and crepe texture.  These little golden nuggets are atop 24 inch scapes, leaves are long thin bright green straps and it's well-branched.

It's a Diploid, semi-evergreen, blooms mid-season and may rebloom although it seems mine just continues to bloom.  It proliferates.  Oakes offers for $6 for a double fan and this week it's on sale for $4.  Seriously cheaper than a big bag of potato chips. 

The flowers never suffer in bad weather because the petals are so substantial.  It's the perfect little workhorse.  Because of the tall scapes, it's perfect for planting lower growing flowers all around.  

I've come to love this dependable little guy; he was really a lucky charm for my garden. 

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