Thursday, March 5, 2015

Use the Delete Key

I am “friends” on some of the social media sites with several teens.  I don’t monitor their daily comments or interactions with others because I don’t have the same interests.  Perhaps this is the gardener in me or maybe just the grandma, but instead of debating, arguing, or trying to out talk someone who is obviously not good for/to them, I’d suggest they simply delete them from your friends list on the social site and in your personal friends’ circle.

It’s amazing how fast an on line social media discussion can turn ugly when someone has no personal restraints.  Teens seem reluctant to offend any of their thousands of social media close friends by the simple act of pushing the delete key (even those who offend others with tirades, insults, bullying and narcissism.)  I’ve stopped following people if their social media comments are more about their need to make everyone miserable, frightened or angry.  Call it my “serenity now” delete button.  Angry and ill-informed bullies are the weeds of our social and public media sites. 

And here’s the gardener’s life lesson:  Get rid of the weeds or they will destroy your garden.  Weeds end up killing the beautiful plants you enjoy.

It takes work to keep the weeds at bay in your garden and it takes work to keep negativity out of your life.  We all have enough daily real worries and life events that we don’t need to import someone’s manufactured drama.

Every gardener has had that one little weed we didn’t catch in time to prevent a major invasion.  Think “Creeping Charlie”!  Our yard had no Creeping Charlie until I imported a nice plant from someone else’s yard.  Today, I couldn’t get rid of all the CC in my yard short of a nuclear event.  It’s the same with those inadvertent or intentionally invasive “friends” on social medial.  They seem so innocent when you “like” them in the beginning.  Slowly their comments begin to creep into something that doesn’t have your best interest at heart.  It’s more about their opinionated aggression and/or whining.  Creeping Charlie looks almost like a dainty little flowering vine at first glance. But, we all know given free reign in our garden, it’s a thug that kills any plant not strong enough to withstand its shadow and nutrient sucking roots.  The parallel is strong in our social media contacts.

My garden and social media advice:  

"Keep those friends and plants that enhance your life in a positive way; use the delete key for those that don’t." 


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