Thursday, October 29, 2015

Human Nature

Bitsey Oh, you wanted your keyboard?
Sometimes I can get a whole column from just reading my morning dose of Facebook posts.  Thank you friends and family; you inspire laughs, concern and amazement.

Why is there a need to add that little bully comment at the end of a nice thought?  Example: “ God loves you.  If you don’t share this, your nose will fall off.”

Do you worry about that person who is so lonesome the only thing that will help is if everyone sends them a virtual hug?

I sometimes have someone ask a garden question.  Granted I’m far from an expert but there is always that one other person that must challenge anything I suggest to prove the fact that I know nothing.  I'm grateful I’ve given them their highlight of the day.
Bitsey doing who knows why
If women can’t support each other, not criticize each other and be an uplifting part of their life – how can we ever hope for peace on earth?

YOU are an example to others on social media.  No matter if you’re 90 or a teenager.  I know it sounds basic but so many people say and do things without considering someone is watching and listening and will incorporate that into their future.

Do not judge:  

  1. A book by its cover.   
  2. A garden by its yard ornaments.  
  3. A woman by how she looks at 5 am.  
  4. A man by his ball cap.

If some of my friends cooked, baked and ate every recipe they post on Facebook, I would have some really big friends.

Thankful the Cubs won as much as they did.  In a state that’s primarily known for it’s high number of convicted government officials, the honest citizens have been vindicated.  It’s bigger than baseball folks.
Bitsey I know I heard something up here.
I was pulled into the 21st century when I received and was grateful for virtual sympathy condolences.  It really is “the thought that counts.”

For a few of my friends/family, “Throw back Thursday” is a chance to show the world you were once wrinkle free.  I feel your pain.

I’m grateful I didn’t try to use letters to replace thoughts – like LOL.   At this age, they change before I’ve mastered it and I’ll look like I’m not into something rather than have all my grandchildren roll their eyes.

The human mind is unique and amazing.  Even people who are my soul sisters and roll models have that little quirk that lets me know they are not me.  A blessing for both of us I’m sure.
Bitsey - what is he doing in my chair?
Some people will publically post an opinion on Facebook that they would never write in a personal note or say to someone’s face. 

Monitor yourself:  That moment when you go from having an opinion to having a soapbox. 

I’m grateful for stories and pictures of towns across the world celebrating their little claims to fame.   Right now I’m looking at a large parade float in the Netherlands that has a huge DEAD Vincent Van Gogh in purple flowers.  This somehow reassures me our little Midwest town is pretty darn wonderful.
Boots had no fear and thus no more Boots.

Sometimes a family member will post something and I secretly think, “I hope those mind genes came from the other side of the family.”

There is evil in this world.  It is not running out of pumpkin or the first frost.

I don’t need to see graphic horrible for anyone to make a point.  I am capable of understanding the gravity of a situation without that visual.

I seriously worry about friends and family who post nothing but negative or worrisome comments and articles.  Can’t you be happy about anything?

I still don’t understand why someone wants to be “friends” of mine on Facebook when they don’t bother to say “Hi” in the local hardware store.
Maggie aka Buddy - relaxation at it's best (photo by Kelly L.)

Have we become so politically insecure we are forgetting to teach our boys how to be men?  I don’t want men to think like a woman, feel like a woman nor act like a woman.  I want to be able to criticize men for all their own character traits.

Realize when you post something, I may pray for you. 

Thanks to “The Old Movie Guy’s Page” on Facebook, I see there are more character actors who’ve been successful at acting than leading actors.  There’s a life lesson in there.

James Bond what do you mean you were reading.
If the only thing you post on your Facebook page is Pinterest crafts made out of wine corks, you may be hiding a problem.   Speaking of such:  Has anyone seen the cute little wine cork reindeers?  Sorry.  No really, I don’t have a problem.  Did I say “sorry”?

For all my family and friends who post beautiful pictures, I thank you.  I may not be able to get everywhere beautiful but you allow me to see places through your eyes and camera. 

I am grateful I know a few really practiced and high quality goofballs. 
J decided my daylily shipping box is her new bed.
If you were born with a cute little perfect nose - good for you.  If you were born with what we call a “distinctive nose” and still rock your attitude – even better.

There’s a fine line between respecting someone’s right to their opinion and condoning that opinion.

Gotta go – someone posted a picture of an endangered turtle dancing on a little kitten while three babies eat ice cream. Yes, it’s a Facebook morning.

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