Monday, November 16, 2015

Salad for One

Red cabbage - just because it's pretty!
My husband went from eating robust meals to eating dietary supplement drinks.  He can venture out into real food occasionally but his throat won't allow much variety.  So now I'm making food essentially for one.  A whole new adventure in buying food and cooking.

When I can't seem to make small portions, because it's hugely difficult to buy and cook for one, I farm out food on my children.  I rationalize they are young busy working parents and appreciate having something they don't have to make.   I also know there are times they take it and really aren't all that keen on what I've fixed.    I've been trying to buy smaller portions.
Green cabbage just because it makes a beautiful picture.
One thing that's difficult is buying lettuce or fresh leafy vegetables that don't get icky before I can eat it all.  Plus, how many of us voluntarily eat a whole bag of greens or head of lettuce in a few days without our noses twitching like a rabbit?

I've found a substitute green:  "Italian Vegetable Blend" by Green Giant.  This contains chopped washed cabbage, brussels sprouts, carrot, kale, broccoli, celery and onion.  Zero fat, and zero cholesterol. High in Vitamin A and C.   I feel virtuous just telling you about it.  These vegetables don't go bad as fast and have substance.  Substance helps because it requires chewing.  Chewing satisfies part of the whole eating healthy process.
Chinese cabbage cause I needed a 3rd picture.
Here's my recipe for a substantial and healthy meal.  This is for one but as a side salad, it could be for two.

2 handfuls - Italian Vegetable Blend
1/2 Cup - Dried soybeans
1/2 Cup - Frozen peas - microwaved to tender
1/4 Cup - Pepper Jack cheese - cut into small cubes
2 handfuls - Seedless green grapes - halved

Top with:
1/4 Cup - Hellman's Mayonnaise
1/8 Cup - V8 Juice
Sprinkle with Kosher Salt and Fresh ground pepper

Toss to coat.

You can eat with toast, crackers or chips but I warn you this is a very filling salad by itself.

The trick is once you have the Italian Vegetable Blend, you can use any nut or seed, fresh or frozen vegetable, with or without any kind of cheese and most any small cut fruit.  When "IVB" isn't available, I buy a bag of mixed shredded cabbage.  If you change out the dressing, you risk taking away from the flavor.  I like the balance of flavors and textures with the above list.  But then, it's your salad so experiment and enjoy.

I used the 10.5 oz. bag of vegetable blend for six days with no wilting or spoilage.


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