Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stop and Smell the Roses

Some folks spend so much time complaining, 
analyzing and hating the thorns on a rose bush
 they never see the beauty of the flowers.
My comment (above) isn't terribly original but it still holds true.  I'll see someone has written a lovely thought about their favorite whatever and invariably the grinches of the world must point out all the pitfalls.  

Call it political correctness, negativity, mean spirited, reading too much news or the inability to see goodness and beauty.  

Yes, I know there are horrible and evil things in the world and we mourn and despise them; we are scared and we have compassion.  

The lasting sadness when someone we love dies, the lasting horror of violence and the lasting depression when hopes are shredded makes it so very hard to stay positive.  Staying positive isn't about forgetting - it's about choice.  

There isn't a week that goes by I don't think about our grandson who passed away.  I'm sure his parents don't have a moment where Nick isn't in their thoughts.  He won't be forgotten.  Something that isn't happening is we're not punishing others by trying to steal their joy for their own children.  We aren't throwing the blue blanket of unhappiness upon others' roses.

When stepping back and looking unemotionally at negative comments thrown on positive thoughts, it really is all about the naysayers getting satisfaction, a measure of happiness, by showing the world there are so many awful sides to a picture no one should rejoice.

We all have those moments of negative thoughts.  If you simply can't get negativity out of your thoughts to the point you only see sadness, talk with a professional who can help you. 

Step back from negative comments and consider exactly what you're trying to accomplish.  Do you think the world won't consider these things unless you're there to save them from unwarranted happiness?

When I posted on social media that my grandson had passed away, every single comment was positive.  I didn't need someone pointing out their disappointment in God or in medicine or in a world of heartaches.  By friends and family only lifting us up, we were able to take strength and celebrate Nick being in our lives.

Roses have thorns.  Don't plant them near a walkway.  Wear thick gloves when working on the bush.  Pop off the thorns when bringing them into the house.  But do your best to celebrate the gift of the flower.

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